Advance Trauma Department :

The Anup Trauma Center, since its establishment, has evolved into a Level I Trauma Center for the state of Bihar. To accommodate the rising number of trauma cases, the center underwent renovations and expansions. It is led by Padma Shri Dr. R. N. Singh and his dedicated trauma team, including Dr. Ashok Singh, Dr. Kishori Singh, and the Medical Superintendent, Dr. J. K. Jain.

The Anup Trauma Center is officially designated as a Level I trauma center and serves as a referral center for the state of Bihar. Its multidisciplinary team includes specialists in Orthopedic and Microvascular surgery, Anesthesiology, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, and Critical Care. This comprehensive team is equipped to handle a wide range of traumatic injuries and provide specialized care to patients.

The Trauma Center is well-equipped with fully equipped Resuscitation bays and beds to handle routine trauma victims. Each Resuscitation bay is equipped with state-of-the-art monitors, ventilator units, and portable X-ray machines, ensuring that patients receive prompt and comprehensive care in critical situations.

The Trauma Center at Anup Institute of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation has gained significant expertise in managing complex cases, including pelvi acetabular fractures, calcaneal fractures, spine and hand trauma, among others. The department is well-prepared to handle severely injured patients and regularly trains its staff to provide optimal care.

Additionally, the Trauma Center is equipped to manage post-operative complications such as non-unions, infections, and implant failures. It also offers Illizarov treatment for complex non-unions and infected non-unions, ensuring a comprehensive approach to patient care.

The department remains committed to staying updated with international standards of care through continuous training and research. This dedication to research allows the Trauma Center to evaluate new surgical techniques and further enhance the quality of care provided to patients.

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The secret of the efficacy of the trauma department lies in its team ideology. With all the trauma consultants well trained in the basic trauma surgery each also specializes in one branch of trauma. This division of the work ensures that the patients with most the most complex of injuries are treated with only the most experienced in field.

Trauma is a normal reaction to a horrible event, the effects can be so severe that they interfere with an individual’s ability to live a normal life. In a case such as this, help may be needed to treat the stress and dysfunction caused by the traumatic event and to restore the individual to a state of emotional well-being.

Premier Health treats more trauma patients than any other hospital system in the region. With two trauma centers, we are ready to treat all injuries, no matter how severe.

The effectiveness of the trauma department at Anup Institute of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation is rooted in its team-based approach. Each trauma consultant is not only well-trained in basic trauma surgery but also specializes in a specific branch of trauma care. This division of responsibilities ensures that patients with even the most complex injuries receive treatment from the most experienced specialists in the field.

Recognizing the psychological impact of trauma, the department also emphasizes the importance of emotional well-being and offers support to individuals who have experienced traumatic events.


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