AIOR Institute of 24x7 Anup Pharmacy Services :

Medications play a crucial role in therapy, and adhering to statutory regulations for scheduled drugs, ensuring quality, proper storage, and safe administration are vital aspects of effective treatment.

The pharmacy's mission is to supply medications, healthcare products, and pertinent information, along with offering professional services that assist individuals and society in making the most effective use of these resources. Every aspect of our pharmacy operations is conducted systematically and with confidence, emphasizing professionalism and care to ensure the well-being of our patients.

We excel in delivering medicines, services, and patient care.

AIOR Hospital boasts two fully operational pharmacies that operate 24/7, offering a wide range of allopathic and homeopathy medicines from reputable companies while adhering to strict quality control standards. Our pharmacies provide comprehensive pharmacy services, ensuring the swift dispensation of medications.

By offering patients the convenience of procuring their medicines within the hospital premises, we eliminate the need to search for medications in the city, especially during odd hours.

At 24 Hour Chemist, our vision is to significantly contribute to each patient's health and promote a happier and healthier community.


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