AIOR Institute of Anaesthesia Expertise :

The anesthesia department, led by Dr. Baidnath Prasad, is highly skilled and experienced in various anesthesia techniques.

In addition to routine spinal and general anesthesia, the department specializes in regional anesthesia methods, including spinal and combined spinal-epidural anesthesia, as well as plexus blocks. These techniques are performed with a high success rate, ensuring optimal patient comfort and safety.

General anesthesia, which induces a complete state of unconsciousness, is administered using medications known as "general anesthetics." These medications are either given intravenously or inhaled. Anesthesiologists carefully adjust the level of anesthesia for each patient, ensuring that they experience no sensation, memory, or movement during surgery.

At the conclusion of the procedure, general anesthesia is reversed, and the patient is transported to the recovery room for post-operative care.

The procedure for general anesthesia goes as follows:

  • Before surgery, the anesthesiologist assesses the patient's medical history and requirements to determine the safest combination of drugs and appropriate dosages for anesthesia.
  • Immediately before the surgery, general anesthesia is administered either intravenously through a line in the patient's arm or via a face mask for those who prefer inhalation induction or have difficulty with IV access, such as children.
  • Throughout the procedure, the anesthesiologist maintains close monitoring of the patient. This includes managing medications, ensuring airway maintenance (which may involve inserting a breathing tube), regulating temperature, and monitoring blood pressure. The anesthesiologist's primary focus is to prevent the patient from regaining consciousness during surgery.
  • Once the surgical procedure is completed, the patient is gradually weaned off the anesthesia drugs. As the patient awakens, they may experience common side effects such as grogginess, nausea, dry mouth, a sore throat, and shivering. These effects are carefully managed by the medical team during the recovery process.


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