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In case of severe arthritis or multiple fractures of the elbow joint an elbow replacement surgery is recommended. In this surgery the elbow joint is replaced by an artificial joint which consist of two metal stems and a hinge made up of metal or plastic.

During the surgery the stems are inserted inside the hollow part of the bone called canal. Artificial elbow joints can either be of linked (semi-constrained) or unlinked (constrained) type. In a linked type of joints all the parts of the joint are physically connected to each other whereas for an unlinked type, there is no physical connection between the parts of the joint.

The unlinked type design depends on the surrounding ligaments and muscles to help the joint to hold together. Other than the total elbow replacement, partial elbow replacement can also be done in specific situations.

Why do you need a Total Elbow Replacement?

There are various reasons that cause severe elbow pain or swelling up of elbow joint. Some of them are:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: This is an inflammatory arthritis in which an inflammation of the surrounding membrane occurs.
  • Osteoarthritis: An age-related arthritis in which the articular cartilage softens and wears away.
  • Severe fractures: During a severe fracture of one or two bones of the elbow joint a doctor recommends an elbow joint replacement surgery.
  • Instability: In a situation of instability the elbow joint becomes prone to dislocation due to some damage in the ligaments that hold the elbow joint.

What is Cost of the Elbow Replacement Surgery in india ?

There are The surgeon will recommend the most suitable & proper line of treatment for you depending on your condition, age, body weight etc and suggest depending on your health condition. Actual cost can only be provided after consulting to doctor. However, an indicative quote can be obtained earlier, you can get in touch with our executive.

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