Hands On Surgery AIOR Patna

Surgical training cannot be done until we get hands on surgery. Surgical training is always in a step wise manner. Firstly, we need to have a sound surgical anatomy knowledge whatever we are doing. Till this stage we always recommend residents to kindly observe the procedure and encourage them to read and to ask questions. Within a span of time we allow them to scrub and assist in the surgeries. It is especially important for the resident always to know about the surgical case, understand the biomechanics of the implant which is being used. Once the resident is well acquainted, we gradually give them hands on while closure or during the approach after incision. Very gradually the full hands on surgical procedure are given with the Consultant. We try to impart knowledge and boost their confidence while doing a surgical procedure. We also teach the bailing out solutions in case there is any issue.

At AIOR we try to have a 360-degree approach in training and make sure that all the trainees get hands on surgical training so that they become a confident, well skilled surgeon.

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