Robotic Hip Replacement Surgery at AIOR, led by Dr. Ashish Singh and his expert team, offers patients a cutting-edge and precise approach to hip replacement procedures. The use of the Leo-2 (Mako) Robotic Arm by Stryker allows for a more predictable and accurate surgical experience, leading to several advantages:

  • Improved Precision: Robotic assistance ensures precise planning and execution of hip replacement surgery. The technology helps in positioning the hip cup accurately, which is crucial for long-term success.
  • Better Outcomes: The CT-guided planning system aids in predicting the optimal size of the hip implant cup, resulting in improved outcomes. Accurate cup size prediction contributes to better bone preservation and reduced dislocation rates.
  • Experienced Surgeon: Dr. Ashish Singh, a highly experienced orthopedic surgeon with over 25 years of expertise in joint reconstruction surgery, leads the team. His unique surgical planning for each patient ensures optimal results.
  • Advanced Technology: The utilization of the Leo-2 (Mako) Robotic Arm represents the latest advancements in hip replacement surgery, offering patients the benefits of cutting-edge technology.

Overall, AIOR's Robotic Hip Replacement Surgery combines the skills of an experienced surgeon with state-of-the-art technology to provide patients with the highest level of care, precision, and successful outcomes in hip replacement procedures.

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