Knee Replacement Surgery performed by AIOR Joint replacement department is an unparalleled & incomparable surgical procedure whereby the diseased knee joint is replaced with artificial material. Knee replacement surgery is the last form of treatment when the other non surgical methods won't be able to help patients to achieve mobility or reduce pain.

At AIOR the group of experienced surgeons with advanced orthopedic treatment technologies plan and execute the Knee replacement surgery with post surgery healing care to each individual patient. The revolutionary technology the orthopedic surgical Robotic Arm & the PC Navigation Surgery Technology offers higher accuracy and alignment with no window for surgical errors.

Our team of experienced, dedicated and skilled doctors are backed by the best & versatile team of physiotherapists, activity therapists, nursing and different paramedical workers. They take care of each and every patient and ensures speedy recovery of our patients.


Signs that shows that you might need Knee Replacement Surgery :

  • Injury like Ligament tear or Meniscus tear.
  • A deformity in the Knee since birth.
  • Severe pain in knee that needs a daily dose of painkillers.
  • Unable to perform your daily routine living activities.
  • Severe deformity associated with arthritis.

If you are suffering from any of the above mentioned symptoms you should consult the best orthopedic doctor in AIOR patna for the best Knee Replacement treatment.

In most of the cases the non surgical treatment can be possible, if needed then the Knee replacement surgery can be performed by most Advanced Robotic Arm.


Your doctor will examine you for knee replacement surgery & will see your medical record. Apart from a physical examination, an X-ray of the knee or in some care the MRI is needed to make a clean diagnosis. The primary line of treatment is almost non-operative in most of the cases but the surgery needed will depend on the symptoms and condition of the knee of the patient.

People who proceed with knee surgery commonly complain about being unable to perform the daily necessary activities like walking, taking stairs, working, sleeping, golf shot on socks and shoes, sitting for long periods of your time.

Patient Review - Total knee Replacement Surgery

The Patient, Mr. Sabhaz Alam was one of the patients treated by Dr. Ashish Singh (Best Orthopedic Doctor Surgeon) performed surgery on both her knees in the same sitting and mobilised her within 12 hours of knee surgery, watch his happy story.




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