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Arthroplasty is a surgical procedure designed to restore joint function. This can be achieved by resurfacing the joint's bones or by using an artificial joint (prosthesis).

Various types of arthritis can impact joints. Osteoarthritis, the most common reason for arthroplasty, results from the loss of cartilage in a joint.

For over three decades, our institute has been dedicated to providing specialized Arthroplasty services. Dr. Ashish Singh, a leading expert in the field, continually updates his knowledge by participating in arthroplasty conferences worldwide. This commitment ensures that our patients receive the latest, safest, and most advanced procedures and services.

Dr. R. N. Singh & Dr. Ashish Singh, envisioned a contemporary hospital that would embody excellence in every aspect from its Facilities to the quality of Service. Our Ultra modern joint Replacement Center is a true reflection of the vision.

The Joint Replacement Centre is headed by, Dr. Ashish Singh Internationally renowned Joint Replacement Surgeon. He has established / set newer trends in the field of Arthroplasty.

Glimpse of Our Innaugration Ceremony – Done by a Patient - who had never walked

Inspite of Joint Replacements being done on a regular basis from the year 2004, the official inauguration of the A.I.O.R. Joint replacement was done in June’2014. The Inauguration was not done by any Beaurocrat, Politician and businessman but by a 30 years old lady who could not walk Inspite having numerous surgeries upon her right hip from 10 years. She was operated upon at AIOR and on her post operative day 5 she enlightens the candle to mark the inauguration of AIOR JRC after walking with minimal support.

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AIOR Joint Replacement Centre: Setting the Standard

Our Joint Replacement Centre stands out with cutting-edge facilities exclusively dedicated to joint replacement surgery. Here's why we're the best in North East India:

We were among the first hospitals in Bihar and North Eastern India to have a dedicated Operating Room for joint replacement surgery.

Our specially designed I Suite Theatre incorporates advanced features like laminar air flows, seamless wall coatings, antistatic and antimicrobial flooring. This sterile environment is crucial for preventing post-surgery infections.

Computer-assisted joint-replacement surgery, with the Navigation Cart, ensures unparalleled accuracy in our procedures.

We offer a dedicated helpline to support and assist our arthroplasty patients.

At AIOR Joint Replacement Center, we set the standard for excellence, providing top-tier facilities and services for patients in need of joint replacement surgery. Your health and well-being are our foremost priorities.

Dedicated Rehabilitation Team

Dedicated Arthroplasty Help Line -

+91 8448441016
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The main motto of our unit mobility is life and we should be at par with the world.


We have been creating history and we are proud that we have Leo 2 MAKO™ ROBOTIC-ARM ASSISTED SURGERY

the latest advancement in robotic-assisted joint replacement surgery.

Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery is available for total and partial knee replacements and total hip replacement surgery. This advanced technology is a remarkable tool in the battle against knee and hip pain.

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MAKOPLASTY: Advancing Joint Replacement with Robotics

MakoPlasty, also known as Robotic Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery, is a groundbreaking approach designed to benefit patients with degenerative joint conditions. Here's how it works:

  • Precision with Robotic Arm: The system employs a Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System to assist surgeons in precisely placing joint prostheses. This robotic arm revolutionizes the accuracy of the procedure.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: The Leo 2 Mako robotic arm provides surgeons with a 3-D model, aiding in surgical preparation. Surgeons can plan the placement of knee or hip implants both before and during surgery, achieving an unprecedented level of precision.

MakoPlasty represents the forefront of joint replacement surgery, offering patients with degenerative joint diseases the promise of improved outcomes through state-of-the-art robotics and technology.


  • Quicker relief from pain
  • Improved surgical outcomes
  • Quicker recovery–from months to weeks
  • Smaller incision, less scarring
  • Reduced blood loss during surgery
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • A more natural-feeling joint following surgery

We Offer :

  • Total knee Replacement
  • Revision Total Knee Replacement
  • Total Hip Replacement
  • Revision Total Hip Replacement
  • Unicompartartmental Knee Replacement
  • Shoulder Replacement
  • Elbow Replacement
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